You can access off market properties that are only available exclusively to us.

Get access to unlisted non-advertised properties across Australia through our wide network of agents to who only deal with developers

You can use our full feasibilities & market research bespoke to each property to grow your wealth

These are properties that will always provide growth TODAY instead of waiting for the future property growth to happen

Get excited about your financial future with IP Group

Contact us and find out how has Investor Partner Group has helped our clients to date. Let us share our story to improve your financial future.

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Tired of fruitlessly searching for high growth and positive cashflow investment properties

Are you tired of spending nights and weekends comparing properties only to come up short again?

Have you been procrastinating because you are concerned about making a mistake, overpaying, or end up stuck with a property that costs you more than it makes?

Are you tired of hearing things like “there is a train station or a shopping centre coming here”?

Do you wish if we could take the gamble out of the property market and help you make decisions based on feasibilities and data so that you can grow your wealth while improving your vivid lifestyle?

If the answer to all above questions is yes, then book in a rare investor consultation with us so what we can show you how to manufacture equity today rather than gamble in the future.

See How We Can Help You

I'm a
First Home Buyer

Learn more about dual key access properties and how does the smart cashflow options will help you pay your property quicker and set you up for success

I'm a
First-Time Investor

Don’t be shy to seek advice about how to avoid expensive mistakes. Learn which strategy works best for your, is it cash flow properties or cash neutral properties. How to think like an experienced investor to manufacture equity so that you can set to improve. We bring growth to you rather than gambling on future growth.

I'm a
Experienced Investor

Are you time poor? Are you keen to grow you portfolio to create passive income or are you chasing yields through manufacturing equity? We are here to help. We bring you the growth and yields through land splits, property flips and plans and permit strategy. We provide you with end to end service, so you don’t have to do everything yourself.

I'm a
High Net Worth Investor

We leverage your complete investment profile (SMSF, personal equity, cash, assets) and match it to your risk profile to ensure you are achieving your goals without compromising your vivid life. Opening the gates of investing into subdivision projects with Return on investment (ROI) starting from 40%. We provide you access to rare market opportunities all across Australia.

Why should you let us help you
on your property journey?

While many companies promote themselves as a ‘Buyers Agency’, very few offer a truly independent, fully transparent service. Majority of the buyers agents are sales agents selling off the plan properties or selling sub-optimal properties. You will hear quite often “we will help you find cashflow positive properties”. In the market where interest rates are this low, we believe that is just a poor value proposition. We pride ourselves in differentiating ourselves from them. Here is a brief analysis of what makes us stand out

How Our Investors can make more money

Without Investor Partner Group

Investors are time poor and waste a lot of time attempting to find high growth areas and compare properties

Investors make rookie negotiation and get emotionally attached to properties and end up overpaying tens of thousands due to self-conscious bias

Investors get stuck with one negatively geared property that sucks money out of their pocket every week forcing them to wait years before they can afford another property

Investors spend countless nights and weekends visiting properties, skimming through online property information and advice that is nothing but sales gimmicks and scams

Investors spend money seeking professional advice via conveyancers, mortgage brokers, other buyers agents, financial planners only to find them worse off in the process

Investors make life altering sacrifices in the hope of making a right decision to achieve the property growth that various sales agent like Property coach reflect in fancy cars and houses but sadly disappointed at the end with no significant wealth to show for their efforts.

With Investor Partner Group

Investors are sourced with best deals supported by detailed feasibility to support yield, growth, ROI decisions. This is based on finding properties where value in the land can be unlocked aka manufacture their own equity today or in the future when they chose to do so. Thus, not gambling on future of property market.

Investors have experienced negotiators that are not emotionally attached to the property whose only aim is to secure rare on/off market properties potentially saving them thousands of dollars and many stressful confrontations

Investors can quickly build a portfolio of multiple positive cashflow properties that can put passive income into their pocket.

Investors are provided with hard facts, data and information based on user stories not only from clients but also from personal projects IP Group has been running over past 15 years

Investors have access to large panel of trusted advisors on the platform ready to provide the value. These include agents, architects, conveyancers, town planners, designers, tax agents, brokers, building inspectors, other developers, project management personnel

Investors can maintain an enjoyable lifestyle and leverage the expertise of contacts of others to quickly build a portfolio of properties to achieve yield, growth or Return on investment (ROI) that contribute to their wealth.

Your Success, We Feel Proud

Are You Ready to Find High Growth, High Yield Properties?

The quickest and easiest way to find out more is to have a free consultation where we will share our best advice – specific to your situation. We will share our own user story with you and show you how can you achieve your own financial goal by making right property decisions. At Investor partner group, our goal is to progress buyers to success as its more important than perfection.